Saturday, September 6, 2008

A New Prim Crafter?

Today is a nice cool day...the weather has been more fallish lately and I'm lovin every minute of it!

My youngest daughter (the one that made the front page), asked me this week if I could spend the day with her teaching her to sew. She wants to make things to sell like me. So of course I was just tickled to hear that! I think what prompted her is because they just started sewing in school. Except they are doing it all by hand! She has helped me with orders before but mostly paint and putting details on.

Anyway, so she picked out her first solo project. A set of 3 ghost ornies. She has sewn rag quilts before but nothing too complicated with curves and such. So we worked together on the first one, mostly her on sewing the second one and the last ghost, I left the room. She asked "Where are you going?". And my oh so mommish reply was "you can do it, you don't need me!" She came and got me about 10 minutes later (yes 10) and showed me her finished ghost...i think she did better than I would have done! LOL She may have had the sewing maching sewing 1 stitch per 3 seconds but she did awesome!

So, they are sewn and stuffed now. I will be teaching her how to make grubby sauce to grubby up her ghosts. She hasn't decided what kinda detail she wants to put on the ghosts so I gave her some ideas to work with. I will post a picture of her finished product.

And on that note...I will be teaching her how to take photos too. I don't know how long she will stick with this but I am gonna savor it and suck it up as much as I can while I got her in the mood for it! LOL She's almost 12 so of course she has "a life" and may move on to other things...until next time (when we post her pics)...I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

p.s. - as I was typing this, she got her first real order for a set of pumpkin ornies! she knows how to make those from last year so she is even more excited and so am I!

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