Monday, September 8, 2008

A New Prim Crafter Part 2 ~ The Demise and Resurrection!

Ok...I apologize that it took so long to get this post out to you!

So...last I left you, my youngest had sewn and stuffed her ghosts. didn't go so easy after that...LOL

And the story goes...she proceeded to ask "Mom, can we put the cheesecloth on now?". "No, we gotta grubby the ghosts first then the cheesecloth then we can put the cheesecloth on". So she grubbies up the ghosts and puts them in the oven. Tapping her foot (or was that mine?) the entire time...and listening to the crickets chirp.

Ghosts come out of the oven..."Mom...can we put the cheesecloth on now?" No, we need to grubby it first." She QUICKLY grubbies the cheesecloth and throws it in the oven, flips on the oven light and watches through the window. She is bound and determined to hurry up and get the cheesecloth on!

While waiting, she sparks a bright idea! "Hey mom, can we put a spooky ghost sounds button in one of the ghosts?" AWESOME idea! So she opens one of the ghosts and puts it in and sews it back up.

"So what do you think I should do next?" The smell should have been a "Ummmm...don't you have cheesecloth burning in the oven?" "OH CRAP!" she says and flies over to the oven.

Cheesecloth wasn't really burnt though..just smelled like it. But I want her to learn to remember she has stuff in the oven while doing other things.

Ok, cheesecloth is out and we proceed to put it on. Well apparently I wasn't doing it right because she fixed everything I did almost. "Mom, ghosts have draping stuff coming off their arms!" "Well excuse me crypt keeper, I'll just sit back and watch then", was my reply!

I let her work for a bit on getting eyes on and figuring out what kinda detail she wants to do.

She seems frustrated so I told her to take a break. She said she was going to ride her bike around for a bit then come back. SHE DIDN'T COME BACK!!! LOL She ended up at her uncle's house playing with her cousins and just left me hangin. I asked her if she was going to finish her ghosts and she replied, "I'm kinda dead from working on those today, can I finish them tomorrow?" Of course she could. If she doesn't want to work on them, that's fine (although my heart was broken and I felt I lost my li'l prim crafter already!

Next day, I waited for her to come to me when she was ready to work on them. She didn't once mention them until about mid-afternoon when she came in the living room and grabbed a witch potion bottle and says "Mom, c'mere! I have an awesome idea if we can get it to work!"

And oh was that idea awesome as ever! Even better than I could have thought up! I helped her put it all together and boy was she thinking right! Look at what her bright idea evolved into! I am soooo proud of her!

We put it on ebay tonight and she is absolutely excited about it! But not as excited as her proud mamma!!! Click the photo below to see her auction.

She named it "Keeper Of The Souls"... they are souls escaping from the bottle...

If anyone would like to comment here to let Zoey know how she is doing, I am sure she would really appreciate the feedback!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness those are cute! Wish I knew how to make them. blessings, marlene

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

WOW! Those are great!! Mandy, you better watch out, that Zoey may just out do you with ideas. Good work Zoey!!!!

shweetpotato said...

omgoodness, i LOVE it. how totally clever, how old is Zoey? She is BRILLIANT !!! Carm

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is awesome! I love it..hey where do you get all of your neat bottles...

auntmannys said...

i get my bottles from various souces. im always on the lookout at craft stores, auctions, flea markets, wal mart, etc. I believe Michael's is where we got this particular bottle. Then we just grubbied it up and labeled it!

Pam said...

Awesome work Zoey!!!! Mandy you have a very talented girl there.
Reading your post about it really shows how proud of her you are.


Natasha said...

Those are incredible!!! You're very talented, and having them come out of the bottle is so creative!! I love them!

Sandy said...

I just love her little ghosts!!!
She did a awesome job!!!
Well done!


Sherry said...

Wow, Zoey did an awesome job on the ghosts. I love them!

PineyWoodsPrims~Dena said...

Zoey you are an amazing little artist. What a wonderful creation you made. I know your Mom is so proud of you. Keep creating and having fun. Can't wait to see what you make next. :O)

Amanda said...

I absolutely LOVe these ghosts!! They are fabulous :) Just added your blog to mine!

LisaLectura*creations said...

Fantastic Ghosties! Zoey did a great job!