Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Upcoming Holiday Sale!

WOW!'s been awhile since i've posted and I truly do apologize!

First off...we wanna let ya know that we have finished more of our popular Mini Witch Potion Bottles and they will be going on ebay this weekend...keep your eye out! If you dont wanna wait, check out either our SOATP or WSOAPP shoppes to buy them now!

We have now hit the busy selling season so it may be a little more quiet than usual around here...
The good news is that I have had many questions about when the next sale will be. I know that many of you are looking to stock up on patterns and such for the holiday seasons...

So...beginning September 1st...Aunt Mannys will be having another mega holiday sale for you all. Keep your eye out and be sure to check out our site for the link and further info on it.

It wouldn't hurt to sign up for our mailing list either so you get the details straight to you right away!

On another note....our tealights have been extremely popular lately. We have had shipments that have been shorted and have made shipping times a little slower. We do apologize for any delay you had in receiving your products.

With the busy season among us, please be sure to get your holiday orders in as soon as possible to guarantee delivery dates. Shipping time is averaging about a week or so out at this point. We are doing everything we can to keep up with orders and get them shipped in a timely manner.

And don't forget that we do offer wholesale for those of you that are looking to buy bulk for your brick & mortars as well as your primitive selling sites.