Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Mini Album...

I know I am late at posting this but I have just been so busy with my grand daughter and projects.  Here the video for the Halloween Mini Album I did recently.  It has so many pockets and tags and details that it was just too many pictures to take lol.  So it was easier to do the video :)

It's Been Too Long!

ohhhhh its been to long since i last posted and im soooo sorry.  i have a new grandbaby (my first) that i have been spending time with and enjoying watching her grow.  She was born on 9/11.  Ive also been working on quite a few projects.  I got a Halloween scrapbook done (i will post a link) and another scrapbook that i need to get posted as well.  I also decided i was tired of looking at the ceiling fan in my bedroom.  It was a childs ceiling fan with the primary colors and it matched nothing in my room.  I have all antiques and vintage pieces in my room.  So...of course i finally made the change.  Below are the before and after pics.  I apologize i was too anxious to get the new blades up before taking a pic.  But anyway...yes, the blades are the original blades...i just designed them the way i wanted them and put them back up.  along with the painted hardware....soooo much better now!