Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Quick Hello

Ok, so I know that everyone has a blog nowadays and I seriously have been trying to work on a personal one for awhile, but certain events just have not allowed me to do so. Don't get me wrong, they have been good events!

Events such as the opening of my newest site, The Prim Shop. This site was in the making of my mind for almost two years before I ever brought it to life! I faced a lot of obstacles and learned a lot of lessons the hard way along the way, but it certainly has been well worth it.

My goal was to bring the crafting community together, in one place, for selling, shopping and more. I have so much more work to do on the site and oh so much more to learn along the way, im sure. Along with our crafting message board, we just opened up The Prim Shop Craft Mall and it's been great so far!

Last but not least, I have gotten more time lately, to FINALLY revamp my Aunt Mannys site. Funny how a graphic & web designer doesn't have their site up to par but do everyone else's! Ah well, im finally satisfied with it. I didn't change the graphics but I did get some font changes since I realized that not everyone would have my favorite font on their computer. So then my site font would look just blah for them. Now it's changed to a font that everyone has and im happy with it.

I want to thank everyone in the primitive crafting community that has supported me thus far. It's been a challenge to get where I am today but i've loved every bit of it along the way! I will be adding links to all of my mentors, friends and supporters as time allows!

When I get the chance to post again, I'll bore you with how I came to be where I am today! Business-wise that is.