Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where To Find Aunt Mannys Products...

Ok...so after some real hard thinking...I have decided to ditch ebay all together. I have had enough of their shenanigans!

So...if you are looking to purchase any of our patterns, finished products, graphics, etc...you can check out our website at Aunt Mannys Creations or AMC Shopping

I am working on bring everything together in one place and will have it up as soon as time allows. I am fixin to move to Michigan here in a few weeks so will be a little busy.

With ebay now out of my way, I am ready to move on with promoting and marketing my site once again.

Until next time...


Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well seems ebay and I have had a love/hate relationship for many many years but they have outdone themselves on the hate aspect of it!

I was out of town for work when several of my customers contacted me to find out where all of my auctions went! Sure enough, I log in and all of my auctions are GONE! I call ebay and they tell me its because I am below standards for shipping on my items.

I told them that I clearly state in my auctions and customer see upon checkout that my items may take longer to ship...up to two weeks....but i find that some customers are emailing me asking where their item is after only a few days or so.

I am a one woman band with a full time job and do the best that I can but can only do so much. I have 100% feedback but ebay told me that maybe i should change my shipping time to lesson it....um...hello? If someone fully read my shipping terms they would see that shipping may be slow at times...if they choose to checkout then complain about it when it clearly states it may be slow...WHY AM I GETTING DINGED FOR IT! i have followed all of ebays rules and policies and have fulfilled MY end of the contract so why am I the one paying for it by losing all of my auctions...its just NOT FAIR!

Ebay bases everything on the buyers perspective now even though the sellers are the ones that make them the money and I just cant comprehend how they can easily just shut down a selling account that has brought them a ton of money in the last ten years!

Regardless...I had to set up an entirely new selling account and am forced to start over from scratch....losing thousands of feedback...frustrating beyond belief!

So...new name on ebay is amcproductions2011 I will get items listed as soon as possible and apologize to all of my loyal customers for any inconvenience.

And I will be sending a nasty gram to ebay headquarters this week. not that it will do any good but maybe it will give me a little relief over the whole situation. I have had many battles with them over the years but this is just on a whole nother level now!

I will post when I have gotten the auctions up for yall and everything ready to sell again...