Saturday, November 29, 2008


Our Holiday sale has been extended!

Now through Sunday, December 14th we are having our biggest sale of the year!!!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

More Twinkie!

Im sorry...i just cant help myself..LOL. Here is another Christmas pic of Twinkie.

We have been litter training him and he is doing pretty good. He went on his own last night and today!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Puppy Pic!

Ok, I probably went overboard with this pic...LOL. Twinkie is 2 months old today and ready for Christmas!

Snowman Stump Pattern Finally Finished & New Family Addition!

Alrighty ya'll...I know I have promising you the snowman stump pattern for awhile and many of you have been patiently waiting (thank you so much).

I am happy to announce that it is FINALLY finished! You can click the photo below to go to the auction. I do apologize for the delay but am happy I could get it done for you!

On another note...we have added a new addition to our family! This was my early Christmas and anniversary present. Today marks me and Alan's 15th anniversary!!!

His name is "Twinkie" and is 2 months old today. This is just a quickie pic but I'll get better pics taken this week. He is such a ball of fire but a bucket of love at the same time. His first night here was last night and he slept in my arms the whole night!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Video of Zoey's Birthday!

Ok,I got the partial video of Zoey's birthday uploaded. Take a gander if you'd like to! Her reaction was a priceless gift for me and her dad!

New Patterns ~ Zoey's Birthday

Hope all is well with everyone!
We celebrated Zoey's 12th birthday this weekend. It was actually on Sunday but we celebrated on Saturday and she had a sleepover with 4 other girls. OMG I had forgotten what it's like to have 4 giggling girls up all night! LOL Actually, they were finally laying down at about 4 in the morning.
Zoey received part of her Christmas present for her birthday. She had been wanting a Wii for the past couple of years and she finally got it. Her reaction was priceless! When she opened one of the first accessories, her reply to us was "You guys went overboard"...then she was speechless. As she opened the rest of the accessories she was just in awe. The last package was the Wii itself. She was so happy and excited that she just cried. I have it all on video and will try and get it up for yall to see as soon as I get a chance! Makes me cry every time I watch it!
Now, onto patterns. I know that many of you are waiting on the snowman stump doll with tangled lights pattern. I promise that it is in the works and will hopefully be done by this weekend! In the meantime, I did finish up the "Letters to Santa" and "Christmas Ball Ornies" patterns. They are both now on ebay and the letters are on patternmart. I will finish getting them up on my other sites as soon as I get a couple of apple ornie orders finished!
Anyone finish their Christmas shopping yet? Only 41 more days!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Homecoming 2008!

I told ya'll in an earlier post about my oldest daughter, Jeighce, rushing out of the house to homecoming before I could get pics! Her and her boyfriend Kyle, thankfully got pics taken at the school and I just got one scanned for ya'll! (i apologize that it scanned so dark)

Jeighce is a Junior this year.

Monday, November 3, 2008

BUSY BUSY Lotsa new items!

Oh boy have I been busy! I got a lot of products finished up today and even managed to get ahead on apple ornies! (that's a

I have several new auctions on ebay now and you will see my newest items over to your left. A photo of each and a link to their auction. I got the new stump doll listed, various colors of Christmas ball ornies and much more!

My two favorite projects are the Christmas ball ornies...

and the letters to santa...

Also, I have my oldest daughter's homecoming pic that I will be scanning tonight and give ya'll a peek tomorrow!