Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Witch & A Christmas Start?

Well I told myself that I was done with Halloween items and was starting on Christmas. But that didn't last long! LOL I came across some black & white diamond pattern fabric and I couldn't pass it up! At first, I thought I would make a jester with it. After all, that is exactly what I thought of when I saw the fabric.

I really wanted to make a witch with it but the black and white just wasn't appropriate. So, I stained the fabric into an orange & black...much more suitable for a witch! I finished the witch but had no clue what to make for her.

Running with a combination of mine and Zoey's ideas, I decided to make her a jack. I have this wonderful pattern from Sweet Meadow's Farm that I have altered and used for several projects and thought it would be just great for this one! I always wanted to make a jack like this only I never thought of shrinking it down for dolls. So I tried it and I LOVE it! A little time consuming but well worth it! I'm wanting to make a set of ornies like them now! LOL

Anyway...this was my end result and maybe I can finally get a go on Christmas items.

Meet Sydney & her jack...

I should also add that I did up another 5 dozen apples for another round of apple butter! It should be done and ready to can tomorrow evening! Most of the last batch was given away...LOL So I figured we needed more because there are some family members and friends that still haven't gotten theirs yet. And of course we need some here at home!

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Jenn said...

I just LOVE your dolls. You have an amazing talent!!!