Sunday, September 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Gina of Cat Nap Inn Primitives and I have to give you 6 things you don't know about me. This is gonna be kinda hard but i'll do my best...

1. Like Gina over at Cat Nap Inn, my phobia is water. I can swim but im terrified of water. And not just any water, it has to be a certain something that I haven't figured out yet. I cannot even LOOK at the tv if there is a photo of a submarine going down or coming up out of the water. In fourth grade, our social studies book, chapter 4, had a photo of a Christopher Columbus type ship sailing in the water and I couldn't even look at it. While in the Virgin Islands years ago, I refused to do anything in the water...LOL.

2. I have had an undiagnosed health condition since April 29th, 2007 and have developed Fibromyalgia due to it.

3. I started "Aunt Mannys Creations" in 2000 and my main product then were candles. The name "Aunt Mannys" came from my now 16 year old niece who couldn't say "aunt mandy" when she was little.

4. I have two associate degrees (computer programming & network administration) and a certificate in Crime Scene Investigation and a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice.

5. My passion used to be modeling. It took years and a lot of work to get there and I finally signed with OTM in North Carolina. As soon as I signed, modeling didn't appeal to me anymore. I now believe it was only the thrill of the hunt that kept me going!

6. I live in Iowa. Always have and probably always I need to pick 6 others to send this to. It's so hard because there are soooo many wonderful people I have met. Let's see...

1. Lily of French & Country Chic - She is a WONDERFUL supporter and so very kind!

2. Carm of Shweet Potato Designs - She is a hoot, does the CUTEST graphics and she has even been inside my head before! It was kinda eerie...LOL

3. Dena of Piney Woods Primitives - She has been one of my biggest supporters. She is such a wonderful gal I can't even begin to express how great she truely is!

4. Kathy of Palmetto Prims (otherwise known as chatty kathy) - She has been a true friend for many years. She is one of the few online that I can trust in and talk to just about anything!

5. Jen of Prairie House Primitive - OMG I can't say enough about her! She is so witty and comical and a genuine friend & supporter! And I would love to be able to afford to buy all of her prim wood furnishings!

6. April of April Harres Artwork - I have known April since back when I first started my business and she is a true friend. She pays attention to detail, always makes you feel welcome and is all around very genuine.


Anonymous said...

Hehehehe, don't you just love the award thing??? I used to play but, lately I have been so bratty about it!!! I love your answers though and Happy Birthday girlie!!! Hugs, MO

PineyWoodsPrims~Dena said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! Hope your doing well. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will be adding it to my blog. You take care of yourself and I love all your new creations.

shweetpotato said...

hehhe.. love that Ive been cruisin around inside your head hehe.. Carm