Monday, January 19, 2009

Vintage Scrapbooking Items ~ Frustrating

So I have this project that I want to do. I don't scrapbook but for this project, I will be doing something similar to it. I have been searching for WEEKS now to find just the right items. I have found many items that I would like but they aren't all in the same place. This frustrates me. I'm sure many of you can relate.

When purchasing things, I guess I can get kinda anal. I like to be able to have like a "one stop shopping" place for things that I need. I have not been able to find that with scrapbooking supplies.

I found a retired Karen Foster Heirloom kit that would be perfect but cannot seem to find a site that sells it outside of ebay. I LOVE the Pebbles "Real Life" vintage strips and tags but cant find all of them at the same site and none on ebay.

I will continue my search and if you can help, let me know! It will take me awhile to finish the project but I will certainly post it when I do. Actually I will post "before" and "after" pics for you.

Oh, and I will have a Twinkie update for you all tomorrow and more updates on some other new things to follow as well!


KernowWitch said...

I've just gone on google & the sites below have Karen Foster's stuff...Hugs Chrissy x

auntmannys said...

thank you chrissy! i am off to check them out now!