Friday, August 15, 2008

We Made The Front Page!

Well, Zoey (my youngest daughter), and I, made the papers today! She is beyond excited! Yesterday, we went to a casting call for the remake of Children of the Corn. The original was also filmed in Iowa in the Souix City area.

Apparently Stephen King was more than dissatisfied with the original. The remake will follow his book more closely and is being made for the Sci-Fi Channel, due to air sometime in 2009.

Zoey and I are both horror film buffs and she was extremely nervous and excited for the opportunity to be in the film. Casting calls are being conducted through Monday but we wanted to beat the rush. So we went early yesterday morning, still batteling a ton of people for the opportunity.

We made it through the first step and now wait for call back auditions. Even if nothing comes of it, it was definately an experience for both of us!

You can view the full article in one of the two papers we are in. The link below is for the Rock Island Argus and Dispatch. Our picture is on the front page of the Argus. Here is the link with the online article. Our photo is the bottom one.

QC Online


Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Oh how cool!! I LOVE Stephen King!

~ Jamie

PineyWoodsPrims~Dena said...

Thank you very much for the award. Also I hope your daughter gets that call. She is a doll in that photo. What a smile! Hope your feeling well. I have added you to my blog. Talk soon!