Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Newest Creation, Ebay, Kids

Well, I finally finished the doll I have been working on. It took me a bit longer because the original dress that I had been savoring a certain fabric for, ended up not being what I had envisioned! Funny how everything works in theory and dreams but put it to reality and 9 times out of 10 it's totally not what you were expecting!

Anyway, so I changed her to a bat doll.

She is one of my more simple dolls (I know, you didn't think it was possible with me, right?). I'm usually one that spends many hours just on detailing my dolls. Even if I WANT a simple doll, it doesn't turn out that way. I just can't stop my fingers. However, this time, it was different! And to tell you the truth I really like her! You know the saying "less is more"? I think it totally applies to her!

I got the pattern for my apple ornies below...up and listed on ebay and my website. I haven't had a chance to get it on etsy yet.

I am pondering reopening my ebay store. I want to do it to house all of my odds and ends. Granted they are all listed on my other sites, but the more exposure, the better. I dont want to do it for the simple fact that ebay is extremely greedy and shows no compassion for those that made them who they are today and their multi billion dollar industry. And I mean us...the little people. I think i'll ponder that a little while longer.

Registration for school was yesterday...YAY! I can't even imagine how quiet it will be around here and how much more work I'll get accomplished! When your kids come to you every day for the last couple of weeks saying "I'm bored, there's nothing to do" know the start of school is near! And bored? Heck I was NEVER bored when I was a kid! We ALWAYS found stuff to do from dusk til dawn all summer long! We barely stopped home to eat! What is wrong with kids these days? I would love for them to live a summer in our lives back in the day...they'd never make it! LOL


cuteartworld said...

I added your link to my blog hope you will stop in sometime and say hello! Love your little Bat Vamp it is so cute!

craftswithcare said...

Hi Mandy,

I think your bat doll turned out so cute!! I have added your blog to my blogroll.


LisaLectura*creations said...

Your bat doll turned out great. The cross you added is perfect. Thanks for adding me! I will surely do the same! Your work is fabulous!

Lisa :)