Monday, February 9, 2009

New Baby Has Arrived!!!

As of late, I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital with a family that I have been close with for over 20 years (their daughter is one of my best friends). Dad is in the hospital battling cancer and pneunomia. He is very strong though, and we just know he will overcome it.

This ties into our new addition to the family. I wanted a playmate for Twinkie but with everything going on, it just wasn't the right time. While sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, I picked up the newspaper to browse the puppy section. I came across an ad for a litter of Chihuahuas. The photo in the ad just made my heart melt.

I decided to give them a call to inquire about their puppies. Come to find out, the woman had them for sale a few months ago but had to withdraw her listing. She had a bout with cancer and went through surgery and was just now recovering. She put the ad back out even though the pups were a bit older. I asked how old and come to find out, the pups were only 9 days older than my baby Twinkie!

The topping on the cake is that she had a blue and favorite color Chi! How ironic everything seemed to be. The cancer....the birthdays....the color. We talked for so long about cancer and everything going on that we didn't even get to the pups until about 20 minutes into our conversation. We talked as if we had been life long friends.

We met so I could see the pup and OH MY...she is just so precious! We have not given her a name yet but Zoey suggested either Precious or Hope since we have so much hope that Judy (the one that sold us the pup) and my best friend's dad will overcome their cancer and be in remission for many years to come.


Pam said...

Mandy prayers going up for your friends dad...Also would love to have a little dog like yours they are so cute. You are lucky to beable to find another one around your dogs age. Good luck

hugs pam

Carla said...

How precious your story and how sweet little Hope.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

she is too flipping cute in her little nighty...where do you get their clothes..are you still playing with dolls? hair dresser has your type of dogs..the mama dog has a tongue so long that it is constantly sticking out..and it is cute..I think I would go with the name of HOPE...have a great week...

frommyhearprimitives said...

Your dolls are fantastic.......Wish I could have them all...... My birthdays day is this weekend. I'm willing to take what I could get. LOL