Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Halloween Real Face Witch Doll & More!

YAY! I FINALLY completed another doll! It's been too long! So I decided to try my hand at the real face dolls. I really like how she turned out!

Also, I have created a Book of Shadows witch book! Take a look inside of it...lots of witchy halloween goodies!

Lastly, another fall leaf garland...it matches my dining room so well I almost want to keep it...lol.

BEST OF ALL...I started all three of these auctions at only $9.99 with no reserve! Click on each item to view their auction!

In closing today...just wanna let yall know that i will be taking ideas for the giveaway until the 14th of September...i will then start the giveaway on the 15th and draw a winner on my birthday...September 30th!

1 comment:

meeyeehere said...

Whatever you giveaway I hope it's something wonderful that you made!!!I love your first picture,that little witch is terrific!!