Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Doll, New Technique & New Prize!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday evening!

Our weekend was great. Spent a lot of time with family (as usual) and it was Jeighce's prom. She had sooo much fun!

I wanted to holler to everyone to let them know about the SOATP Nursery Rhyme Challenge. This was an awesome theme to work with! It brought me even more out of my shell and I tried new techniques on the doll that I entered!

I chose "The Man In The Moon" for my challenge piece and WOW...he really turned out neat and he glows in the dark!

He is now on ebay until May 3rd so get your bids in! Check out all of the wonderful nursery rhyme pieces that SOATP has to offer throughout this week!'s time to add yet another prize to the giveaway!!!

Let's about...the epattern for my Witch Potion Bottles?! Sound good? OK then! Now let's go over the prize list so far....

1. epattern for "Two Peas in a Pod"

2. eprintable Halloween Hang Tags

3. epattern for "Keeper of the Souls"

4. epattern for "Witch Potion Bottles"

Don't forget...the more that enter, the more prizes that will be given away!



please enter me in your giveaway. i love your blog and then new doll.

my little annies said...

I love your man and the moon!! I would love to be enterd into the drawing!!
thanks so much

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness. I love the potion bottles you did. And the man and the moon is great. Love it. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks so much. Hope I win giggle

fortheloveofprim said...

The man on the moon is just incredible!! Please enter me in your giveaway!! Thank you!!

Pam said...

Mandy The man in to moon is awesome. Doesn't look like material. Great job.

Hugs pam

boobunny said...

I love the man on the moon! way to kewl1 i would love to be entered,
Wendy from Simply Cute Crafts sent me over!

Old World Primitives said...

I really like your Man in the Moon doll - what a great face. :) Congrats on all of the giveaway entries too, the prizes are great!


Anonymous said...

Your Man In The Moon Challenge piece is terrific. What great work you do.


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Your Witch Potion Bottles pattern sound super great. My gosh what a great selection you are putting togethr. The winner of your giveaway will be so very lucky. Thanks for a chance to win your collection of prizes.


Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.