Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am very excited to be going back to work full time! I've been off since June 30th of 2008 due to our OPLOC being under BRAC. In other words, the federal government decided to downsize and close many bases and entities within certain bases. My new job, again, is with the federal government at the same Army base as I was before. I've been working on getting this job for over 5 months Gotta love the government...everything is a "process" and takes forever.

Anyway...I enjoy working from home but am so used to always working full time outside the home too. Don't worry...I'll still be crafting! I don't plan on slowing down...working outside hasn't stopped in me in the last 8 years and it wont stop me now!

I'll have some new products due out shortly and i'll give ya a sneak peek! Digital scrapbooking items. Right now, I will be focusing on hang tags and may add more in the future. I figure since I was already doing graphics, I may as well find another venue for them!

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