Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update On Zoey

I have had several emails and a post about Zoey so I figured I would get a post up for everyone.

Zoey is not currently working on anything. She did sit down with me to make some icicles this past weekend and she mentioned she might want to do something with gingerbreads.

I think she has spurts where she REALLY wants to make something and then she is just more interested in playing with her friends and cousins than anything. So I'm just letting her work at her own pace. I've got some gingerbread ideas so i'm going to give her a couple of them this weekend and see if she is interested in them.

I know that the ghosts were pretty time consuming and difficult for her first piece so I figure if we go back to basics she may be more apt to want to create more. Kids have minds that only like to be occupied with something for a short time and then its time to move on. I know that if I offered her up the chance to make her own rag quilt she would do it in a heartbeat. She has helped with rag quilts before and she really liked it. I plan to run that by her as well. It's time consuming, but she can work on that in between other things and it isnt too complicated.

Im also hoping with fall upon us and the colder weather setting in, she will want to craft more as well since she won't be outside much. Iowa weather can be horrible in the winter months and according to the farmer's almanac, we are in for a doozy this year.

The sun is already setting before 7:30 and before too long, it will almost be set by the time she gets home from babysitting after school. I know she will definately be wanting to do more while cooped up in the house.

I know there are quite a few waiting to see her next creation and even some that have been emailing back and forth with zoey! She really appreciates that too. She always gets excited with new emails and when people compliment her. She does one of those "I can't believe people really like what I make!" lol. It's so awesome for her!

When she starts a new creation, I will be sure to post about it and this time, I hope to get pics of her making it and the progress she makes each time she works on it! So stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Oh, how nice that she wants to "play" with you too!! That is great, I only live with boys so, they don't really want to have anything to do with what I do!!! LOL
I guess that is fine by me...hehehehe Hugs, MO

Shari Kraft said...

Hi Mandy! I just thought I'd let you know...the winner of your apples is Leigh Stonehouse. I asked her to get me her address. As soon as I get it, I'll forward it on to you. I had a total of 60 entries! Pretty good for a 2 week drawing! Thank you so much for being a part of Prim Friends. I really appreciate your talent and your kindness.

Pam said...

Hi Hope all is well. You haven't posted for a while.

You have been given an award
Please stop by my blog to pick it up.

hugs pam

Anonymous said...